Frequently asked questions

Is there an APP I can install on my phone?

Yes, There is an APP availablce on both the Apple and Android listed under Village Coupons.

Do I need to print the coupon?

No, the whole point of this site is to eliminate the need to clip and carry coupons. Village Coupons puts 100's of local coupons directly into your hands though your phone. Simple show the coupon on your phone at point of sale.

Can I give the coupon to my family or friends?

The best benefit Village Coupons offers its Customers and it's Users it the ability to share the coupon with family and friends along most platforms. Why not share a great savings...

Can I use the coupon more than once?

Most coupons on Village Coupons are reusable, but ultimately the decision is up to the Store owner. Please ask before shopping. The last thing we want is unhappy users. Thank you.